Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Indonesian police put down riot in Bali prison

Jakarta, Indonesia (CNN) -- Hundreds of Indonesian police officers charged into a prison in Bali on Wednesday to subdue rioting inmates who had set a building on fire and thrown stones at firefighters.

The police arrived at Kerobokan Prison late Tuesday to ensure that no prisoners escaped during the rioting, said Ketut Untung Sayoga, the deputy chief of police in Bali, but did not enter the facility until daylight broke Wednesday.

Three inmates were wounded, one of them shot in the leg by a rubber bullet, Sayoga said.
The riot took place in a separate block from the one housing foreign inmates. None of the 60 foreign prisoners were harmed, Sayoga said.

The prison is where Schapelle Corby, an Australian beauty therapist convicted in 2005 of smuggling nine pounds of marijuana into Bali, is serving a 20 year prison sentence.

The 12 Australians in the prison were unharmed, said Ray Marcelo, a public affairs official at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta. Read More