Friday, February 10, 2012

Ignore the judges from European Court of Human Rights and kick out Qatada NOW! Tories urge Cameron to deport hate preacher....Think of Our RIGHTS!

Tory MPs last night called for Abu Qatada to be deported without delay amid fears that the hate preacher could stay in Britain for years.

Senior backbenchers demanded that the UK ignore rulings from the European Court of Human Rights and send him to Jordan to face terror charges.

David Cameron won backing from King Abdullah of Jordan last night to thrash out a deal over Qatada’s future.

A Downing Street spokesman said ‘the Prime Minister explained the frustrating and difficult position that the ruling had created for the UK’.

The spokesman added: ‘They agreed on the importance of finding an effective solution to this case, in the interests of both Britain and Jordan.’

Bethlehem-born Qatada has been in a high-security prison in the UK for more than six years fighting deportation and has cost taxpayers more than £1million in benefits. Read More