Sunday, February 12, 2012

Google to pay users to browse - so the search giant can watch every link they click

Google is to pay computer users to browse the web so the search giant watches every link they click.

'Panelists' in the new Google Screenwise programme will be paid up to $25 in Amazon gift cards.

The payments offer an insight into how much web users' private data - usually harvested by giants such as Facebook and Google without payment - is worth.

Users have to download a browser extension, which allows Google to monitor which sites they visit and how they use them.

Popular blog Search Engine Land said, 'The timing of this program seems odd, especially considering the backlash that Google has faced over the upcoming changes to its privacy policy.'

'Even though this Screenwise program is completely opt-in, some critics are bound to question why Google needs more data about web searchers and the websites they visit.'

European regulators wrote to Google CEO Larry Page last week calling on the search giant to halt the introduction of its new 'one-size-fits-all' privacy policy. Read More