Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Google is bypassing the privacy settings of Internet Explorer, claims Microsoft...are there any LAWS they are not allowed to break?

Internet search giant Google is evading privacy settings of Internet Explorer users, claims Microsoft, the computer firm behind the browser.

Dean Hachamovitch, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for Internet Explorer, accused Google in a blog post yesterday and said that the search giant has been contacted and asked to stop the practice.

Mr Hachamovitch explained that it was after reading reports that Google was bypassing the privacy settings on Apple’s Safari browser that the discovery was made.

He wrote: ‘When the IE team heard that Google had bypassed user privacy settings on Safari, we asked ourselves a simple question: Is Google circumventing the privacy preferences of Internet Explorer users too? We’ve discovered the answer is yes: Google is employing similar methods to get around the default privacy protections in IE and track IE users with cookies.’

Rachel Whetstone, Senior Vice President of Communications and Policy, however, defended Google's activities. Read More