Thursday, February 23, 2012

George Hernandez a LA substitute teacher accused of molesting students is on the run in Mexico as it is revealed he was investigated THREE times

A substitute teacher accused of filming himself molesting a young girl is on the run in Mexico, according to police.

It has emerged that George Hernandez was investigated three times over claims he abused students before he moved from one California school district to another.

After the third investigation, he taught for three more years before police discovered a stash of sexually explicit videos involving his pupils.

'This is no different than moving an aberrant priest from one area to another,' said a lawyer representing one of Hernandez's alleged victims.

The teacher's relatives have told police that Hernandez, 45, is living in Jalisco, a state in western Mexico.

And the Los Angeles Times has uncovered his previous history, with multiple abuse accusations which nonetheless did not end his teaching career.

The Times points out that while it is extremely difficult to fire permanent teachers because of restrictive employment contracts, there are no such difficulties when it comes to substitutes. Read More