Friday, February 3, 2012

Frozen pipe halts thermal power generators in Oita, Japan

OITA -- Piping in a fuel-supply system at a thermal power station here was frozen early on Feb. 3 as the temperature fell below freezing, causing all three power generators at the plant to halt, the plant operator said.

The trouble forced operator Kyushu Electric Power Co. to buy 2.4 million kilowatts from six other utilities, including 500,000 kilowatts from Tokyo Electric Power Co. and 700,000 kilowatts from Chubu Electric Power Co.

Also, Kyushu Electric Power asked 46 companies with which it has signed agreements to cooperate in saving power in case of a power shortage to reduce their electricity consumption, and about 30 of them complied.

The power supplier gradually resumed operations at the three units at the plant later in the day after fixing the system.

A company official said the halt of thermal power generators as a result of freezing of piping is unheard of, at least in its service area. Read More