Sunday, February 12, 2012

Drew Ferraro takes a running jump to his death from school roof

A 15-year-old leapt to his death from the roof of his high school, as horrified classmates looked on.

Drew Ferraro climbed a building on campus and took a running jump off a ledge, right after the fourth period, at the beginning of the school's busy lunch hour.

Dozens of teens witnessed the student’s deadly fall from a three-story building in the central quad at Crescenta Valley High School, in a suburb of Los Angeles.

Ninth grade student Michael Kim, said he 'heard a thump' as he was heading to lunch from his class on the third floor.

He was singing a popsong with his friends when they entered the quad and saw the crowd and the boy's body.

Michael, 14, told the Sacramento Bee 'I was pretty much just shocked. My jaw just - it dropped,' . 'We never expect something like that in this kind of neighborhood at this school,' he said.

The mood at the school changed instantly, he said: 'It's just weird because everyone just started caring' about each other.'

'One person changed an entire school in 20 minutes.' Read More