Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dr Clive Blackburn the Unilever scientist who helped develop Slimfast drinks throws himself from roof of work HQ after being made redundant

A top food scientist jumped to his death from the roof of his work laboratory just hours after being made redundant, an inquest has heard.

Dr Clive Blackburn - who developed products for big brand names including Slimfast and Lipton Tea - could not cope with losing his position at food giant Unilever, so meticulously planned his death.

He went to the deserted Unilever building on a Saturday - the day after finishing work for the last time - and duped security staff by saying he was collecting personal belongings.

The 48-year-old planned his suicide even adding the date of his death and the length of his employment at the Unilever development laboratories on a social networking site the day before he died.

He had not been able to handle being made redundant and saw his GP on several occasions leading up to his death complaining of depression.

Coroner David Morris told the inquest: 'He was made redundant with his last working day on November 11. Read More