Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DISGRACE: Mother who neglected and attacked young daughter in squalid, filthy home, is spared jail - for the girl's sake

These are the scenes of squalor which greeted police when they arrived to rescue a young girl from neglectful and abusive parents.

Teesside Crown Court heard how police were called after the girl tearfully told teachers her mother had kicked her leg three times, and showed them bruises on her hip.

When police visited the house, in Middlesbrough, they found it stinking of urine, with cat faeces on the floor and overflowing ashtrays, takeaway cartons, cans and drug items lying about - and a blood-stained duvet in the child’s bedroom.

However, despite the cruelty meted out to the child, the mother has been allowed to walk free from court today - for the sake of the child.

The young girl’s mother and step-father were each given a one-year custodial sentence on Friday, but Judge Tony Briggs suspended the mother's sentence for two years with 18 months’ supervision, as the girl still wanted contact with her mother. Read More