Sunday, February 12, 2012

Danny Abdul Dayem: More fictions (and changing stories) about his wounds and "beliefs" -- Who is he *really* and why is the mainstream peddling him?

Dear Jeremy Paxman & BBC,

With complete shock and horror, we followed your interview with the British citizen of Syrian descent Danny Abdul Dayem! He, clearly, was on a mission to take full advantage of the air time he was given to simply transmit the “Syrian revolution” propaganda. Instead of the usual quizzing and interrogation, on Newsnight, Danny was given an easy ride to say ALL he wanted without being challenged. We were, also, very alarmed by the different accounts he has given to different news channels, including Sky News, al Hiwar, Alarabiya (in Arabic) and the Guardian. Here are some of inconsistencies that some Syrian friends and I have noted;

•(@00.08): In the beginning of the interview, Danny’s answer to the first question summed the intended message all up; “yes, I’ve seen EVERYTHING”.

•(00.35): He gets away with a video that shows and proves absolutely nothing!!

•(@01.48): Danny claims that “three quarters of the shots are aimed and one quarter is just to scare people”. If this was, truly, the case then tens of thousands of Syrian protesters would have lost their lives, rather than the reported figure of 2600, which is in itself under dispute!

•(@02.34): He tells Jeremy that a car stopped two meters away behind him, and shot at him. Yet, the bullet managed to come from the waist and come out his back?!

•(03.08): Danny tells Jeremy Paxman that he was shot by a SINGLE bullet that went through his body and presumably left two scars.

(@0.49): In Sky News report, a single scar in the middle of Danny’s back is clearly shown!

(@13.50): This, again, contradicts him showing the presenter of al Hiwar channel TWO dressed wounds to the sides of his back after telling him how he was shot with TWO bullets, not one!

Click here for even more Danny-based nonsense, and more holes in the story about what's going on in Syria (re: nothing except a bunch of armed thugs roaming the streets and acting as a pretense for western military ambitions).