Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dan Stringer, 17, left for dead after he was savagely beaten 'by Asian gang of 8 in hate crime attack'

A trainee chef was beaten by a gang of Asian youngsters who fractured his skull and left him for dead in what police are treating as a unprovoked 'hate crime'

Dan Stringer, 17, who could lose his sight, was repeatedly kicked and punched by a mob of up to eight people after he fell over as they were chasing him down the street near Manchester.

The teenager was left with a fractured skull, multiple eyesocket fractures and needs plastic surgery to mend the smashed bones in his face.

The victim and his best friend Kavan Brown, also 17, were walking down Market Street, Hyde, Saturday evening when they passed by a takeaway shop.

Inside were a group of Asian men and a woman, one of whom banged on the window, produced a knife and made a threatening gesture suggesting they were going to cut their throats.

The victims ignored the gang and walked on, but moments later the group spilled outside and ran after them.

They tried to flee, but Dan fell over and was attacked by the gang. Read More