Monday, February 6, 2012

Costa Concordia Disaster: Calls for Costa Concordia's 'Captain Coward' to face 2,697 years in jail

Prosecutors want 'Captain Coward' Francesco Schettino jailed for a total of 2,697 years as they made a request to have him sent back to jail, it emerged today.

Schettino, 52, is currently under house arrest while investigators consider charges of multiple manslaughter, causing a shipwreck and abandoning shop following the Costa Concordia liner disaster last month.

Seventeen lost their lives and at least 17 are still missing after the skipper recklessly changed course and crashed the 114,000-ton liner onto rocks just so that he could carry out a 'sail by' salute and impress crew and friends.

Prosecutors say that the spineless captain then abandoned ship, leaving hundreds of people still onboard, while he reached the safety of dry land on the nearby island of Giglio in a lifeboat.

Last month an investigating judge granted Schettino house arrest and he is currently serving that at his home in Meta di Sorrento near Naples, which he shares with his wife Fabiola and teenage daughter.

Today, in a three hour closed door hearing in Florence before an appeal court judge, prosecutors argued he be sent back to jail as they fear he may well interfere with evidence and the fact that he fled his ship also raises the possibility he may try and avoid justice.

Lead investigator Francesco Verusio is looking for Schettino to be given 15 years for multiple manslaughter, ten years for causing a disaster and eight years for every passenger that was abandoned and the same sentence for those that died, with all terms running consecutively.

That makes a grand total of 2,697 years, as 34 people are believed to have been killed and 300 passengers were abandoned by Schettino the night of the disaster on January 13. Read More