Friday, February 3, 2012

Colombian police: 6 killed in blast

Six people were killed in an explosion targeting a police station in southern Colombia Thursday, authorities said.

The blast in Villa Rica killed a police commander and five civilians, Cauca province Police Cmdr. Ricardo Alarcon told reporters. Dozens were injured.

A man who was eating lunch inside his home near the police station was among the casualties, CNN affiliate Caracol TV reported.

A car in front of the station fired gas cylinders packed with explosives Thursday afternoon, the affiliate said.

A government hospital next to the police station was badly damaged by the explosion, provincial health secretary Oscar Ospina Quintero said. Many of those injured were patients in the hospital.

"The bomb destroyed the emergency room and the maternity wing," Ospina said.
Authorities evacuated patients from parts of the hospital and relocated services to a nearby school, he said.

The blast also destroyed numerous homes and stores, Caracol reported. Read More