Monday, February 27, 2012

China's "Apple authoritarianism"

Feb 23 (Reuters) - Are we outsourcing repression to China? That is the fear driving stepped-up scrutiny of labor conditions at Foxconn, the consumer electronics maker that assembles products for a number of Western technology companies, most prominently Apple.

As one blogger put it, before watching the latest high-profile investigation, aired this week on the ABC television news program "Nightline": "I had been worried that after I watched the report, I'd feel angst-ridden and guilty about using my iPad, iPhone, or MacBook Pro."

An independent assessor working with the Fair Labor Association, a nonprofit group that Apple has hired to audit conditions at the plants, said the California company was facing its "Nike moment," a reference to the 1990s,when the sporting goods maker was accused of using Asian sweatshops to manufacture its iconic sneakers. Read More