Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Britain WILL have to pay up for the £110bn Greek bailout...Cameron failed Us Again

British households each face a £500 bill to bail out Greece and save the crisis-hit euro.

Britain will be expected to hand over an extra £1billion for the International Monetary Fund's £110billion rescue package.

It takes the total figure spent by the UK in helping prop up the eurozone to £12.5billion - around £500 for each home.

MPs and European MPs said they were outraged at the sum, with Tory backbencher Peter Bone saying: 'We should not be using money from hard-working British taxpayers to bail out a currency that we have nothing to do with. This is an abuse of the IMF system.

'It is sending good money after bad. There should not be a penny of British money involved. There is no chance that Greece is going to recover within the euro. Read More

NOTE: JUNE 24th 2011 (short memories)

David Cameron: Europe has promised Britain won't need to bail out Greece.

At an EU summit in Brussels, Mr Cameron said he won “assurances” from fellow leaders that Britain should not be made to contribute to any new Greek rescue package. Read More