Friday, February 10, 2012

Brazil is first country to use Twitter's new censorship policy to silence its citizens

Brazil could become the first country to take Twitter up on its plan to censor Tweets at government request.

The move has sparked alarm among privacy groups, who fear governments will use the same policy to silence dissenting voices.

The Brazilian government has requested an injunction to stop Twitter users from alerting drivers to police road blocks, speed traps and drunk-driving checkpoints.

Free-speech groups say it appears to be the first use of Twitter's controversial new censorship policy.

Twitter unveiled plans last month that would allow governments to censor Tweets, making 'illegal' Tweets completely invisible in their native countries.

The move sparked alarm among free-speech activists, and Twitter has been closely watched to see which countries will use the facility to 'silence' people within their country.

Previously, Tweets worked on a global level - if someone Tweeted in one country, it was visible everywhere.

‘As far as we know this is the first time that a country has attempted to take Twitter up on their country-by-country take down,’ said Eva Galperin of the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation said. Read More