Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bird Flu Confirmed in 4 of the 16 Swans Found Dead in Mill Pond Last Month, Massachusetts

Four of the 16 swans found dead on Mill Pond last month tested positive for a low-pathogenic form of Avian Flu, said Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife outreach coordinator Marion Larson.

This form of Avian flu is not harmful to humans, she said.

“This form of Avian flu is native to the area with ducks or geese, and is not the stuff that is transmittable to human beings,” Larson said.

Larson said when a large number of birds mysteriously die, MassWildlife conducts tests for any disease that could be harmful to humans. In this case, the swans did not die of anything harmful to humans, and the state will not continue testing for a cause of death.

“People’s health are not at risk,” Larson said. Read More