Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Belarus left isolated as EU nations withdraw ambassadors

The regime of Alexander Lukashenko is looking increasingly isolated today after European Union nations took the extraordinary step of jointly withdrawing all their ambassadors from Belarus.

The surprise diplomatic move came in response to yesterday's expulsion of the EU and Polish ambassadors in Minsk. They were thrown out of the country after Brussels placed a further 21 Belarusian officials on its ever expanding sanctions list which forbids key regime leaders from travelling to Europe.

Belarus attacked the mass pull out describing it as a “path into deadlock” amid concerns that Minsk will now be pushed further towards its uneasy ally Russia which is keen to reassert influence on its western neighbour and buy up Belarusian state assets on the cheap.

European officials were already exasperated by the Mr Lukashenko’s ongoing persecution of opposition politicians but the expulsion of the Polish and EU ambassador was the final straw. Read More