Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Australian cattle cut up before they're dead in Indonesian abbatoirs

A leading animal welfare group says Australian cattle are still be inappropriately killed in Indonesian abbatoirs.

Animals Australia's Lyn White believes the new footage, shot in two separate abattoirs in Jakarta in January, is damning.

It was aired on ABC TV on Tuesday night.

'This latest footage reveals that workers cannot even be relied upon not to start cutting up Australian animals before they are dead,' Ms White told ABC TV.

'My Indonesian contact said that animal had an Australian ear tag. The other factor is that it is a Droughtmaster steer which is a breed of animal that is being exported from Western Australia to Indonesia.'

Ms White also said Australia-designed Mark I restraint boxes were still being used to slaughter cattle in Indonesia even though they didn't comply with international standards.

RSPCA chief scientist Dr Bidda Jones told ABC TV on Tuesday that the latest footage contained 46 potential breaches of the Australian government's new checklist designed to protect animals exported overseas. more