Monday, February 27, 2012

700 form human chain calling for decommissioning of Tokai No. 2 nuclear power plant, Japan

TOKAI, Ibaraki -- About 700 protesters surrounded the Tokai No. 2 nuclear power plant on Feb. 26, making calls against reactivating the plant and demanding the plant be decommissioned.

The human chain took place around Japan Atomic Power Co.'s Tokai No. 2 nuclear power plant in Tokai, Ibaraki Prefecture, on Feb. 26. The plant has been suspended for regular inspections.

Stretching nearly 1 kilometer long, participants formed the human chain hand in hand, calling against the reactivation of the Tokai No. 2 nuclear plant and for the decommissioning of the plant.

Some young people even traveled from outside the prefecture to take part in the protest after learning about the event via Twitter. The demonstration was organized by the "Tokai Daini Genpatsu Hairo Action," comprised of the Ibaraki Heiwa Yogo Kenmin Kaigi (Ibaraki prefectural residents' council for protecting peace) and other entities.

Participants joined a rally at a nearby park before hitting the streets and parading for about 30 minutes. After reaching the nuclear plant, they started forming the human chain. Read More