Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yard chiefs who quit over phone hacking 'are given £500,000 in secret cash pay outs'

Two of Britain’s most senior police officers pocketed substantial pay-offs after resigning over the phone-hacking scandal, the Daily Mail can reveal.

Former Scotland Yard Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson and his colleague John Yates are thought to have received up to £500,000 between them.

The cash was handed out after the pair signed gagging orders which bar them from suing the Metropolitan Police or speaking about their treatment.

The exact size of the payments, at a time of savage cuts to police budgets, was a closely guarded secret.

But speculation was mounting that the total cost to the taxpayer, including fees racked up during weeks of legal wrangling, could be as much as half a million pounds.

The pay-offs underline how the scandal plunged the Met leadership into chaos amid a flurry of revelations about their close links to News International. Read More

Note: Our Country could be saving millions if not billions if they just stopped using OUR tax fees to pay off crooks, had real jails instead of hotels and controlled our government spending on useless projects and backhanders.