Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Warning Of 'Uncontrollable' Riots In UK Jails

Overcrowding in Britain's prisons is reaching crisis point and could lead to widespread riots - with staff struggling to regain control.

The warning has come from the Prison Officers Association (POA) which says the Government is ignoring its concerns.

POA national chairman Peter McParlin told Sky News: "Effectively prisons are full now. Eighty-three out of 134 prisons now are officially regarded as overcrowded.

"They're expecting two private prisons to open in the Spring but I anticipate with the increase in prisoners that they will be full soon and I would imagine certainly by the middle of the year we will be reaching a crisis point."

Mr McParlin went on: "How Government decide to deal with that crisis is going to be extremely interesting. We've been in conversations with them in which we've asked them to reopen mothballed prisons - prisons that were at the cutting edge of the rehabilitation revolution - but they are refusing to do that. Read More