Friday, January 6, 2012

Update: Damascus attack killed at least 60 people, Syria vows to strike with 'iron fist'

The embattled Syrian regime, reeling from a suicide bombing in the capital Friday and continued violence in several anti-government bastions, vowed to confront its foes with stern resolve as more than 60 deaths were counted in a bloody day across the nation.

"We will strike with an iron fist anyone who tampers with the security of the nation and citizens and we call our citizens to alert any suspicious situation," the Interior Ministry said, according to state media.

The Damascus suicide bombing, the second such strike in the capital in two weeks, took place in the al-Midan quarter of the city. Casualties included mostly civilians and some law enforcement personnel, the Syrian Arab News Agency said. At least 26 people died and at least 63 people were injured, SANA said.

Car and suicide bombings have long been common in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But this development in Syria, similar to the strikes on government security targets December 23, deepened the fears of full-blown warfare in the troubled nation. Read More