Saturday, January 7, 2012

UK clinics refuse to pay for toxic breast implant removal

Cosmetic surgery clinics have failed to offer free replacement of breast implants at the centre of major health concerns to the vast majority of the women who have them.

The vast majority of clinics which fitted the devices made made by Poly Implants Prostheses (PIP) failed to match the pledge by Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, that any implanted by NHS hospitals would be replaced if that was what women wanted.

While some firms which carried out small numbers of operations have fallen into line, the Harley Medical Group and the Transform Medical Group, two companies which between them used the implants in more than 47,000 operations offered no such pledge.

Transform said offering free removals would put them out of business. The company is offering operations to replace them at a cost price of £2,800.

Nigel Robertson, its chief executive, said: “If this catastrophic situation was our fault we would deserve to go out of business and I would hold my hands up.”

Patients were last night advised by the Department of Health to seek legal advice in the wake of its key report into the PIP scandal. more