Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tornado verified: Cars moved from parking spots in Clarksville, building flattened in Jeffersonville

SOUTHERN INDIANA — As the storm clouds rolled into the area Tuesday, mother nature seemed to have her eye on Veterans Parkway in Clark County.

“It was crazy in here,” said Ron Trotter, a host at the Tex-Mex eatery Chuy’s, which is just off the parkway near Walmart.

There were about a dozen customers and employees in the restaurant that had to take cover as the storm rolled through, he said.

“The doors flew open,” he said. “It was really loud.”

The National Weather Service confirmed that it was an EF-0 tornado that hit the area, packing winds of around 75 miles per hour.

The gusts came in so hard that cars in the parking lot were moved out of their spaces and one was found overturned near the area, said Clarksville Police Department Chief Mark Palmer. In one display of the storm’s power, an awning was ripped off a building and shot into the fender of a parked car like a javelin, Palmer said. Nearby, an air conditioner was blown off the roof of a building. No injuries were reported. Read More