Monday, January 16, 2012

Shark Attack on a South African Beach in Port St Johns Leaves Surfer 'Ngidi Msungubana' Dead

A surfer has been killed by a shark at a South African beach dubbed the world's deadliest following a string of attacks by the killer beasts.

Ngidi Msungubana, 25, died yesterday after being repeatedly bitten as he rode the waves off Second Beach in Port St Johns.

The incident was the sixth fatal shark attack in just five years at the beach, which lies beside the Indian Ocean in South Africa's rural Eastern Cape province.

Officials described how Mr Msungubana fought with the shark yesterday for around five minutes before being dragged bleeding out of the murky water by a lifeguard.

Provincial health spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said: 'The man was surfing and was in water which was only around a metre and a half deep when the shark struck.

'Witnesses who were near him at the time said he wrestled with the shark for around five minutes as the water turned red. Read More