Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Schools 'bribing pupils' to cheat Ofsted inspections

Schools are routinely cheating Ofsted inspections by bribing pupils, sending troublemakers home and rehearsing lessons, teachers have warned.

Rising numbers of schools are resorting to underhand tactics to give a favourable impression of classroom standards, it is claimed.

Some whistleblowers told how expert teachers from others schools had been drafted in for the duration of inspections to replace poor-performing staff.

In one case, it was claimed that a school loaned pupils’ outstanding art work to other schools in the local area – allowing them to display it on walls to impress visiting inspectors.

One teacher even claimed that more than a dozen troublemakers had been handed cash bribes of up to £100 each and told to take the day off school while another said badly behaved pupils had been taken on a trip to Alton Towers.

The claims come amid growing fears that schools could be placed in “special measures” for failing an inspection – placing a question mark over their long term future. Read More