Saturday, January 7, 2012

Passer-by in Indian city was scalped by a ferocious jungle leopard - WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT

A fully grown leopard attacked and injured four people after it strayed into a residential area in the north-east Indian city of Guwahati today.

The locals were seriously wounded by the leopard after it ran into a house on the busy Nabagraha Road in a central residential neighbourhood of Silphukhuri.

An auto rickshaw driver managed to cage the panicked leopard inside the house, which was kept locked until forest department officials arrived and sedated the animal.

Eyewitness Nipu Das said: "We were simply shocked and stunned to find the leopard inside the house and soon the cat started attacking."

One of the injured was admitted to hospital with injuries to his head and face.

The leopard was taken for observation at the Assam State Zoo in Guwahati.

"We believe the cat strayed into the area from a nearby hillock, maybe in search of food," a forest department official said.

The hills around Guwahati are covered in dense jungle. Read More