Monday, January 9, 2012

Package bomb explodes and badly burns couple in their car, Denver, Colorado

A couple in a quiet suburb of Denver, Colorado, were badly burned after they were targeted with a package bomb that exploded in their car.

Allyson Stone, 44, and Christopher Stone, 59, picked up a paper that was left by their car in their driveway in Lafayette, Colorado, and took it with them as they drove away from their house.

They made it just a few feet down the road before the bad, which had a car with the couple's name on it, exploded in their Volvo station wagon about 1pm Saturday.

The Stones were rushed to a local hospital and later flown to a Denver burn unit to treat of 'serious' burns.

Police say they have a suspect in the attack and that the Stones were specifically targeted. Authorities stressed that there is no danger to the broader public. Read More