Saturday, January 21, 2012

Opposition urges Arab League to refer Syria to UN

The opposition Syrian National Council (SNC) has formally asked the Arab League to refer the Syrian crisis to the U.N. Security Council, after Arab observers failed to end the bloodshed, an opposition spokeswoman said.

Syrian opposition groups have called in the past for the case to be referred to the Security Council but had not made a formal request to the 22-member League, whose foreign ministers are due to discuss the Syrian crisis Sunday.

"We think that when the Arab League refers the case to the United Nations and to the Security Council the situation will change," SNC spokeswoman Basma ElKadamny told reporters in Cairo Saturday.

Asked about Chinese and Russian opposition to any Security Council involvement, she said: "When the Arab League transfers the case to the United Nations and affirms to the world that the Syrian regime is not cooperating with the Arab League, all countries will have to take new positions." Read More