Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nurses 'are losing their sense of compassion’

Nurses in the NHS too often lack ability, compassion or even the simple desire to work in the profession, a report warns.

In some cases staff lack basic skills, have a poor grasp of maths and do not understand the values of the health service, according to the NHS Future Forum.

The independent advisory panel, set up by the Government last year to examine the NHS, says there is “almost universal concern” about the “huge variations in quality” of education and training for nurses and midwives across the country.

NHS hospital managers are failing to take responsibility for the poor quality of some nurses, it says. It also accuses nurse training schools of failing to recruit the right type of student to ensure patients receive a good standard of care.

The report adds to growing concerns that nurses’ training has become too academic to prepare students properly for the realities of the job and makes them less willing to carry out practical care. Read More