Friday, January 6, 2012

New Zealand Earthquakes: Expect aftershocks to continue for many Years to come

Canterbury residents are being urged not to be alarmed by predictions that aftershocks could be recorded in the region for many years to come.

Seismologists from GNS Science today briefed city councillors, MPs and the media on the latest quake information for Canterbury.

GNS Science seismologist Kelvin Berryman told ONE News that magnitude three aftershocks are likely to go on for a "number of years", and that magnitude one and two aftershocks "could go for 30 years".

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority Chief Executive Roger Sutton said people should not be alarmed by the predictions.

He said "the reality is very little damage occurs after a five".

"We may get a few more sixes we're not sure about that," he told ONE News.

"But even then most of Christchurch doesn't suffer any more damage when those sorts of events happen."

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