Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Natalie Terry Jailed for 18 Months for leaving daughter, six, home alone for FIVE DAYS

A six-year-old girl was left home alone in a freezing flat for five days with nothing to eat but Monster Munch, yoghurt and drinking water a court has heard.

Shekinha Terry's mother, Natalie, was jailed today following the child cruelty case that heard the girl eventually knocked on the door of a neighbour's house in Dartord, Kent.

Shaking and sobbing hysterically, Shekinha told them 'mum has left me five days and has not come back'.

When she was arrested at the sparsely furnished flat that was extremely cold and had no carpets, Terry said to police 'I neglected my daughter. End of'.

There were cat's faeces on the floor and the kitchen was dirty with little food. The only luxury was a flat screen TV.

Terry's neighbours contacted police after Shekinha turned up on their doorstep. When Terry finally returned, she asked where her daughter was after being told she was with police she said: 'I will not get her back.' Read More