Friday, January 6, 2012

Miliband phoned race row MP Diane Abbott to say: Apologise or I'll sack you

Labour frontbencher Diane Abbott was threatened with the sack yesterday after she was accused of making racist comments.

The Shadow Minister for Public Health dived disastrously into the Stephen Lawrence debate – claiming that ‘white people love playing divide and rule’ with the black population.

Miss Abbott, the first black woman MP, was later forced to apologise for the comments posted on Twitter. Read More

** Conservative frontbencher Ann Winterton was sacked following an incident at a rugby club Dinner, where she told a racist Joke

** Tory MP Patrick Mercer was also Sacked following a racist Comment

** Warren Swain Sacked from the ruling executive of Reading City Council for tweeting racist comment

** Labour Candidate Stuart Maclennan Sacked for tweeting 'lots of Chavs at Stirling Station' and swearing.

** Anti Racism MP Aidan Burley sacked for attending a Stag party which had a Nazi Theme

So plenty getting sacked here so what makes Diane Abbott so special?