Friday, January 27, 2012

Michelle Williamson: 5ft 1in girlfriend who beat her businessman partner so badly he needed cosmetic surgery after two years of horrific abuse

This is the first picture of 5ft 1in Michelle Williamson, who beat her businessman boyfriend so severely that he almost lost his arm and will need cosmetic surgery to heal his horrific scars.

Ian McNicholl, 49, from Hull, suffered two years of abuse at the hands of his girlfriend, including one attack where she sprayed bleach in his eyes.

He also suffered fractures to his skull, cheekbones, and nose, three cracked ribs and horrific burns on his arm from an iron at the hands of his ex-girlfriend.

Williamson, who is now serving a seven-year jail sentence for causing grievous bodily harm, also lit cigarettes and shoved them up her partner’s nose after falsely accusing him of having an affair.

On one occasion, she also poured two kettles full of boiling water over him - and even attacked him with a vacuum cleaner.

Ian, who is now preparing for the surgery, said: 'It was between Christmas and New Year (in 2006) when she first accused me of having an affair with one of her friends.

'This was the first time she lashed out.

'She punched me in the face and I had a black eye.'

Williamson begged him for forgiveness, saying it was just a one-off and soon moved into his flat in Grimsby.

However a few weeks later she launched another attack with the vacuum cleaner.

Ian recalled: 'She began ranting and raving about previous partners of mine.

'Then, all of a sudden, she switched the vacuum cleaner off, grabbed the nozzle and whacked me across the face with it. I could feel my cheek split.'

This was the first of many outbursts of domestic violence from the then 34-year-old and the attacks got progressively worse. Read More