Monday, January 16, 2012

Maksim Gelman: 'I killed six other people that no one knows about,' says the butcher of Brig Beach

The so-called butcher of Brighton Beach who was convicted of killing four people in New York last February says he killed six other people that no one knows about.

Maksim Gelman, 24, who faces sentencing on Wednesday for the murders, says he made his first kills when he was just 18.

In an astonishing interview from Rikers with the New York Post, Gelman said he was a successful cocaine dealer and made enough money to buy two condos - one in Bergen Beach, Brooklyn, and one in Florida.

Of the kilings, he said: 'After you kill one person, it gets easier.'
He said he ran over his first two victims when he was driving in Brooklyn.

He claimed he ran them over once before putting the car in reverse and driving back and forth over the men to make sure they were dead. Read More