Friday, January 27, 2012

Lava activity increases at Kilauea, Hawaii

Lava is becoming more active at both Halemaumau and Puu Oo craters, scientists at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory report.

The observatory posted new video of lava splattering at Halemaumau Crater. Scientists say the lava level in the vent in Halemaumau began rising Tuesday night.

The splattering is on the southern edge of the lava lake, about 250 feet below the crater flow.

Increased lava activity is also taking place in Puu Oo Crater. Scientists said lava has started to fill a depression on the crater floor. Scientists say some surface flow activity may have resumed about 2 miles southeast of the crater. But there is no activity on the pali, coastal plain and no lava is entering the ocean.

The eruption in Kilauea's middle east rift zone began on January 3, 1983, and has continued since then with few interruptions. Source