Monday, January 2, 2012

Laacher See, Germany's Super Volcano is NOT “Ready to Blow”, are the Press playing on 2012 for Fearmongering?

The Daily Mail is running an article about a Super volcano in Germany (Laacher See), insinuating that it could erupt. In truth, any volcano could erupt at any time: it has only just been discovered that rather than taking 500 years for a dormant volcano to wake, it could happen in as quick as just 80 days.

Regarding the article in the Daily Mail this morning, there is no alarm regarding this Volcano. If there was, wouldn't it be mentioned in the news in Germany?

Not ONE word has been mentioned for weeks in the German news about this Super Volcano.

The Laacher See is Classed as a Super Volcano and is situated close to the Cities of Koblenz (24km) and Bonn (37km). The Caldera which has a surface area of 3.3km2 lies just 8 km from the River Rhine.

The last known eruption was 12,900 years ago and was larger than the Colossal 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines.

Although the Laacher See is a potential active volcano with seismic activity and carbon dioxide gas and magma being detected at the Southeastern Shore, there has been NO indication that this volcano is about to erupt.

Scientists do believe that a new eruption could happen any time, but then again they say this about pretty much all volcanoes. In the past several weeks there has been no activity in that area or even a mention of Laacher See in the German News.... so please don't panic (yet).