Monday, January 2, 2012

L.A. arson fires 'Person of Interest' Detained - 2nd Jan 2012

Los Angeles police this morning have detained and are questioning a “person of interest” in the spate of arson fires around the city since Friday.

The suspect, believed to be the man in a video police released Sunday, was detained near Sunset Boulevard this morning, said an LAPD source familiar with the investigation into the case.

However, in a statement, a Los Angeles fire official said “it is too early to speculate if this person responsible for the spree arson fires.”

The detention follows a morning of frenzied arson fires across the Hollywood area on Monday. Eleven fires were reported in two hours, beginning at 1:30 a.m., most to cars and carports in apartment complexes, police and fire officials said.

It was unclear early Monday if the fires were connected to a spate of arsons in the Hollywood area.

Officials said Sunday that they have linked at least 39 fires to a series of arsons that began Friday morning in Hollywood. At a news conference Sunday morning, officials said many of the fires have been started in cars and in some cases spread to carports, garages and apartments.

But they declined to say what evidence tied the cases together or give more information about how the fires were set. Law enforcement sources told The Times that detectives were concerned that releasing more information could prompt the arsonist or arsonists to change tactics and encourage copycats. Read More