Saturday, January 28, 2012

Judge David Ticehurst refused to jail Parents who ADMITTED to Child Cruelty which left their new Born With broken Bones and skull haemorrhage

The parents of a newborn baby left with horrific injuries and fractures all over her body walked free from court today, despite admitting child cruelty charges.

The unnamed infant was just 23 days old when doctors discovered she had suffered multiple breaks to her legs, knees, ribs, right wrist and right hip.

MRI scans showed the baby girl had also sustained a skull haemorrhage and trauma to her brain tissue.

But her parents were spared jail at Bristol Crown Court today, despite pleading guilty to child cruelty on the basis of neglect - because a judge blamed social services for the ordeal.

The court heard that a social worker had warned her bosses that the couple were incapable of caring for their child, but her fears were ignored.

Judge David Ticehurst sentenced the youngster’s father and mother to two-year community orders each, last December.

The child's father is in his twenties and her mother is in her thirties, but their names were not released to protect the baby. Read More