Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jordan’s nuclear reactor to cost $5 billion (Wait, what? Why are they suddenly allowed to possess one?)

AMMAN: The nuclear reactor that Jordan seeks to build by 2020 will cost about $5 billion, said Chairman of the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission Khalid Toukan on Thursday.

Toukan defended the controversial project before the lower house of Parliament, where head of the chamber’s Legal Committee Mahmoud Kharabsheh alleged the venture would cost about $20 billion and overburden the country’s already cash-strapped treasury.

Kharabsheh also questioned the economic feasibility and safety of the project, saying it would jeopardize the country’s environment.

Toukan said that the government so far concluded nuclear cooperation agreements with 12 countries, including Spain, France, Russia and Britain. An effort to conclude a similar agreement with the US has reportedly faltered under Israel’s pressure.

“The third generation nuclear reactor to be built in Jordan is one of the most developed reactors and will be completely safe,” Toukan said.

“Besides, the generation of electricity by using nuclear energy will be economically feasible.” Read More