Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jane Bashara Found Murdered in Her Car

The murder of a wife and mother-of-two who was found strangled in her car after she disappeared from her home has baffled her close-knit community with her husband saying he has 'no clue' what could have happened.

Jane Bashara, from Grosse Point Park, Michigan, last spoke to her husband of 26 years Bob on her way home from work on Tuesday.

When he arrived home the TV was on and her work ID was there, appearing as if she had made it home from work.

He reported her missing later that night after calling friends. Her body was found the next morning near Hoover in the backseat of her Mercedes Benz.

Her cellphone and purse were found close by.

Mr Bashara said his wife would have had no reason to be in the area and has no idea what happened to her. Read More