Monday, January 2, 2012

Head of Arab observers in Syria's Idlib describes the situation as "quiet"

Head of the Arab observers' mission in restive Idlib province in northern Syria said Monday that there were no "military aspects and no gunmen" there and the situation was "quiet."

Abdul-Latif al-Jibali said in a statement published Monday by the private al-Watan newspaper that the situation in Idlib was "quiet," with no military aspects or gunmen, and that he noticed the atmosphere was "dead due to the lack of any activity in it."

Al-Jibali, whose mission in Syria started a week ago, said the team had visited the national hospital and toured parts of the area, noting that some observers went with opposition figures to visit local residents.

He said that the city witnessed two demonstrations on Friday, each of which was attended by about 10,000 people. According to him, Syrian authorities had done nothing to disperse demonstrators.

"I saw two handcuffed bodies of two policemen with signs of violence on them at the national hospital in Idlib," he said, adding that "the two men were killed on Saturday," but there were not tanks or armored vehicles in the streets. Read More