Monday, January 9, 2012

Hackers expose British military and Government emails

Email addresses and encrypted passwords of British military, intelligence and police officials were published online following a hack attack, according to an analysis of the data.

The actual compromise took place late last year but a Guardian analysis of the information has revealed the quality of data stolen.

Government defences were not broken, but a Texan consultancy named Stratfor, which held the data, was hit.

Usernames and encrypted passwords of around 850,000 users who had subscribed to Stratfor's website were taken. Credit card numbers and addresses were also exposed.

The hackers are believed to be part of Anonymous, the hacktivist group which wreaked havoc in 2011, attacking various corporations and public organisations.

Amongst the leaked data were email addresses of 221 Ministry of Defence officials and information relating to officials from various UK Government departments, including the Cabinet Office and the Foreign Office. Read More