Monday, January 30, 2012

Graphic details emerge of Tibetan unrest in China

A Tibetan-inhabited region of China appeared to be under lockdown Thursday after it was rocked by deadly clashes, as exile groups gave grisly details of how the unrest unfolded.

The west of Sichuan province, which has big populations of ethnic Tibetans, many of whom complain of repression, was earlier this week hit by some of the worst unrest since huge protests against Chinese rule in 2008.

Security forces fired into two separate crowds of protesters in Luhuo and Seda towns on Monday and Tuesday in the remote, rugged prefecture of Ganzi, which borders Tibet.

Advocacy groups say at least three were killed in the clashes but maintain the protests were peaceful until police opened fire. China says two died -- one in each incident -- and acknowledged police shootings only in Seda.

Lobsang Sangay, head of the exiled Tibetan government, said six Tibetans had reportedly been killed and around 60 injured -- some critically -- in the violence, and condemned the shootings as "gruesome acts". Read More