Friday, January 6, 2012

Gladstone Harbour disease tests inconclusive: Fish Kill

A scientific panel says it cannot conclusively determine the cause of a diseased fish outbreak in Gladstone Harbour in central Queensland.

The panel released its report today into the ongoing sick fish problem in the harbour, but says there is no risk to human health and the results of water quality tests are not unusual.

The only exception to the results was an extremely low salinity level during the last wet season.

But the panel has recommended the State Government conduct further monitoring and research to determine what is causing the disease outbreak.

It says possible causes could be netting, chemical damage, nutritional issues or parasites and bacteria.

Fisheries Minister Craig Wallace said the panel noted a wide range of possible causes including chemicals, nutritional issues and damage to the skin and gills from nets, algal blooms, parasites or bacteria.

He said Fisheries Queensland had found about 95 per cent of fish caught in their monitoring of the central Queensland harbour were in good health. Read More