Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Francesco Schettino: "I Fell into the Life Boat" ..One of His many excuses for being a Coward and Abandoning his Passengers and ship

The captain of the stricken cruise ship Costa Concordia has told investigators he "fell into a lifeboat" during the evacuation and could not get out again.

Francesco Schettino gave the excuse during three hours of questioning with an investigating magistrate before he was released from custody and given house arrest.

The skipper, 52, was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of manslaughter and abandoning the cruise liner while passengers were still onboard.

The death toll from Friday night's disaster now stands at 11, while 28 others including 24 passengers and four crew are still missing.

Schettino's behaviour has been further called into question after dramatic audio tapes revealed he was ordered back onto the ship to oversee the rescue.

A furious coastguard was shocked to learn he had already left the Concordia despite dozens of passengers still needing help. Read More