Saturday, January 7, 2012

For years, YOU'VE paid their £2,000-a-week rents. But the housing benefit gravy train is about to stop.... I will believe that when I see it

At the kitchen table, two pretty girls giggle as they draw pictures with crayons. On the wall are posters listing their times-tables, while in the corner, the family’s tropical fish, Bubbles and Tiger, swim in a heated aquarium.

But this happy domestic scene is threatened with upheaval because, in nine days’ time, the Rostant family - two parents, eight children and their pet fish - may be homeless.

Until now, the family have been one of four families claiming the highest amount of housing benefit in the country.

Their £2,000-a-week rent (more than £103,200 a year, given to the landlord) has been paid by taxpayers. But the money is to be stopped as the result of the Government’s crackdown, which began this week, on the long-running scandal of housing benefit abuse (which costs the working public a staggering £20billion a year). Read More