Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Falklands row as cruise ship with 3,500 passengers - many Argentinian - is turned away from islands

A cruise company has said it was surprised and disappointed after one of its vessels was turned away by the Falkland Islands government.

The Star Princess ship, owned by Princess Cruises, had planned to dock in Port Stanley on a cruise from Chile to Brazil, with several stops in Argentina.

Falklands government spokesman Darren Christie said they had to deny the vessel entry because several of the passengers had stomach flu and the islands were ill-equipped to handle a contagious virus.

But there will be suspicions that the decision was a political one as Argentina and Britain continue to engage in a diplomatic row over the island the South American country calls Las Malvinas.

Many Argentines were among the 3,500 passengers and crew onboard the cruise liner as it was forced to continue on to Argentina.

Princess Cruises said the decision was unwarranted and unscientific and runs against international health policy. Read More