Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Facebook publishes names, pictures and addresses of Russian hackers behind $2M 'Koobface' scam

Full names, addresses and even pictures of men suspected to be behind an infamous Facebook cyber attack have been published today by Facebook and the security firm Sophos.

The gang - known as 'Ali Baba +4' - have been named as Anton Korotchenko, Alexander Koltyshev, Roman Koturbach, Syvatoslav Polinchuk, and Stanislav Avdeiko. They all live openly, and in luxury, in St Petersburg, taking holidays abroad in Monte Carlo and Bali.

One gang member was so well known to Facebook that his picture has been up on an office wall in Facebook's head office since 2008.

Security firm Sophos knows their addresses and mobile phone numbers.

'We’ve had a picture of one of the guys in a scuba mask on our wall since 2008,' said Ryan McGeehan, manager of investigations and incident response at Facebook.

The Koobface software spread as a link on Facebook and other social networks.

At one point, up to 800,000 computers were infected, receiving commands from a remote 'command and control' server owned by criminals. Read More